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  • Up to 300 Inch Proiection Size

  • Wireless Screen Mirroring

  • FHD 1080P Resolution

  • Keystone Correction

  • Powerful Speaker

  • Up to 300 Inch Projection Size

    Get ready to turn your home into a private cinema. SW10 can project a screen as
    large as 300 inches. You can experience the immersive pleasure of watching a
    movie, listening to a concert, or playing a game on a massive screen.

    Full FHD Resolution

    1080P resolution provides crisp images and optimized color expression. See all
    the subtleties revealed in every scene.

    Kevstone Correction

    SW10 supports keystone correction which gives you simple control of image
    alignment. This feature will correct the resulting image to be perfectly rectangular
    even when the projector is not centered directly in front of the screen makes
    using your projector effortless.

    Comfortable reflection
    Diffuse reflection imaging

    The light source to be projected on a white wall or screen, and after diffuse
    reflection into the eye, it is less irritating to the eyes. Even if you watch it for a
    long time, you will not feel eyesight fatigue, suitable for the whole family.

    Diffuse reflection principle

    Dirgct principle

    Wireless Screen Mirroring

    Get content from your smartphone onto the screen. Connect the phone to SW10
    wirelessly and it automatically mirrors what you're watching or listening to.

    5W Built-in
    Powerful Speaker

    With 5W speaker built in, you get the
    amazing cinema quality sound you need
    to go with SW10's incredibly immersive
    visual experience.

    Fast Heat Dissipation

    SW10 uses material that helps to dissipate heat and is equipped with a
    high-power cooling fan, which can improve the user experience and greatly extend
    the service life.